Saw the cutest little play today!

Fuck yeah for senior drama class. Here’s what’s so cute..

So basically, its about this writer with major agoraphobia and can’t answer the door to his pretty next door neighbor called Louise. Instead, he writes her as a book character, Lumina (or Luna, as I first thought she was called), and puppets are used to play out the scenes of his book. Then Lumina jumps out from his typewriter, and he falls in love with her - this beautiful little puppet girl. She then gets stolen away back to the book-world by the Dark Force (essentially the writer’s fears) and he writes himself into it, saving her and all that jazz. It’s basically about how his love for his fictional character Lumina gives him the courage to embrace his real love for his next door neighbor Louise. It’s all made with this fantastic material made of flax paper but made to look like fabric, and.. and.. oh, it was just so cute and lovely.

Except there was a part when he started ripping pages out of books. I literally started shuddering and cringing at each rip, and people around me were laughing at me. Not cool. There was also a moment where these flying moose things came to carry Lumina away.. I called them Patronuses. And the Dark Force looked like a white Dementor. Harry Potter Head strikes again.

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